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Fireplace decor: Ways to Use Mosaic Wall Mirrors for Aesthetics

round mosaic mirror

Do you have a fireplace at home? Do you find it difficult to decorate a fireplace? We are here to help you. Having a fireplace is cool, but when it comes to decorating something, it gets difficult. Not every decor looks good on or near the fireplace. The fireplace is a cool element of decor itself, to complement it with the right product or things is difficult. The majority of the time, the fireplace is located in the living room Or in the center hall of the house, where most of the guests, housemates, or family are going to spend their time. So, the place should look classy, cozy, and homely. Mirrors are one of the best ways to decorate a fireplace. Whether you are revamping the space or decorating for the first time, mosaic mirror or wall mirror art is the great way to decorate your fireplace. Do you want to know more? Have a look:

Here are a few tips on the design guide for wall mirrors or art at the fireplace: 

Find the main focus! : Let's begin with basics, before trying any other method of decor, a focal point is a great way to fill the space. You can be a little clever here. We suggest, rather than using a mirror on the Same wall, use the opposite wall. For instance, if you have a fireplace on the left wall of the living room, hang the mosaic wall mirror on the opposite wall. Sometimes you do not need to overdo it, minimalist decors work the best. If you are one of those who do not like to use many things for decor, a large mosaic wall mirror with few indoor plants will work great. It will not only complement the fireplace but also decorate the entire living room giving a subtle yet classy vibe.

Use Pair of Right Size:  Choosing the right size of wall mirror for the fireplace is highly crucial. The size will determine whether it looks soothing to the eyes or has inflammation.  If you have a large living room, it means the space above the fireplace is huge, using a small size without any complete decor will not have any major impact on the vibe. It will either look incomplete or irrelevant to the fireplace decor. Similarly, if you have a small fireplace in a small room, using a large mirror will take up the entire space of the wall and will not look pleasant. Therefore, when using a round mosaic mirror on the fireplace wall, make sure you use the size that complements the fireplace and the living room. You can also use the other decor pieces to complement our medium size or small-size mirror from Home Gift Warehouse.

Play with Reflection:  If you have a fireplace, chances are you live in a cold area or have experienced winters for some months. So, that means the fireplace room will witness many important things. Whether it's your family or friends, you are going to have guests over near the fireplace. So, if you want to use an oval mosaic mirror as decor it's important to consider reflection. When you are going to place a mirror, whether on the side wall, opposite, or above the fireplace, consider what is going to be reflected in the mirror. An unorganized, messy, and piled-up reflection will look negative and give a bad impression to guests. Therefore, make sure when you place the mirror, the reflection is good. Moreover, the mirror should avoid having a direct view of the sitting area. If it has a direct view sitting area, it means people using the space will see their reflection in the decor. Not many people like to see themselves in mirrors when they are talking or having important conversations as it acts as a distraction.

Consider layering with different size of mirrors: 

Try to avoid using very small mirrors above the fireplace, it doesn't have much difference in the decor, rather it looks incomplete. A small mirror will not give a good impression, moreover, it will raise the need for more decor items. Make sure you choose a mosaic mirror wall art size that takes up enough space above the fireplace. Apart from that, you can try laying the mirror, which means buying a mirror with a decorative element in it. For instance, a round mosaic mirror. You can layer our mirrors from Home Gift Warehouse with small indoor plants, so the space does not look empty or overboard.


These are some of the effective and useful tips to decorate your fireplace with a mirror. Whether you want to compliment the walls around or above the fireplace or opposite, these tips will help you bring in positive and classy vibes. Begin with deciding where you want to put the mirror for decor, and buy a good quality mosaic mirror accordingly.

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